Champagne works with clients throughout Dorset and around the UK, as well as providing support services on international film projects.
Filming is to the highest standards using digital broadcast-quality cameras. We shoot on either Standard or High Definition equipment and we’re also developing our 3D production services.
Editing is done at our own dedicated facilities using Industry standard editing software
Plus, over the past ten years Champagne has tackled a multitude of filming scenarios including, underwater filming, shooting with jibs, personal cameras for point-of-view action shots, aerial shots from hover cams and steadicam filming.
We provide single-camera and multi-camera services, audio/visual pre-production services and live streaming of events straight to the internet.
We collaborate with other specialist companies when necessary. This ensures that the outcomes you want are exactly what you get, with the right mix of creative input, technical know-how, project management expertise and effectiveness.


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