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I wanted to introduce myself and my business as I think I could be a valuable resource during this challenging time for businesses, especially independent businesses such as ours. My name is Laurie Whyte I have been in Weymouth since moving from Australia in 2004. I have been working in the Utilities Industry since 2006 and ventured off on my own as CM Energy in 2011.

The service I offer is as utility consultancy. The main function of my business is to find the best utility contracts to suit your businesses needs, which are generally to save the business the most money. I also offer advice outside of setting up contracts. During this ultra-challenging time for small businesses, this my knowledge of the utility industry may be the most beneficial service I can offer. At this time if anyone is unsure where they sit with bill payments, or how their contract may be affected by the lockdown in both the short and long terms PLEASE CONTACT ME.

The power companies are extremely hard to get through to at the moment with the lack of staff and an increase in customer contact. I can advise you on what measures have been put in place by the utility companies to protect small businesses and also have direct access to the utility companies so I can quickly get these put in place for your business. I know during this worrying time I can give you one less thing to have to worry about.

Though I am just a small local broker, I am a member of Online Direct which is the largest aggregator of independent brokers which gives us power in the market. This ensures that I am able to obtain the best price and also have direct access to suppliers to assist with any issues that customers may be having.
I have already helped many businesses over the years in Weymouth and continue to help those businesses as I feel we need to support each other as best we can. My service and advice are totally free of charge to the business and there is never any obligation to follow any of my advice.

If you would like to discuss any of this please contact me on 01305 776955 or my email

I hope to hear from you soon

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