MAW Media Mobile Advertising and Promotions Company in Weymouth Dorset.

We help companies in building brand awareness through our diverse styles of creative mobile billboard campaigns.

We work to ensure that businesses have everything they need to promote themselves, their products, and their services, in the most effective and efficient ways, while simultaneously growing their brand and boosting awareness.

Ultimately, through our outdoor advertising, we help our clients improve reputations and boost sales.

Customers have gotten smarter. They’ve lost patience with poorly timed, poorly targeted advertising. If you reach your audience with the information they want, knowing exactly when and how they want it, they will listen and respond.

Mobile advertising works because the ads are delivered right to potential customers in high-traffic areas, where research has proven that campaigns will have a strong impact on the desired audience. There is nothing that has the ability to attract attention quite like billboards on wheels. Unlike stationary billboards, which quickly become just another piece in the landscape, or bus and truck-side advertising, which can be blocked from view by all of the other vehicles on the road, our mobile billboards are large enough to stay visible and have a capability for movement that will get them the attention you want. Mobile billboards are also much less expensive than you probably think.

A MAW Media knows exactly what great direct marketing can do, and we know how to do it effectively. We marry your business strategy to advertising and marketing strategy and then follow through with program design, execution and measurement. Imagine how much we can do for you and your company.

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42 Lynch Lane, Unit E
Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9DN United Kingdom

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07706986932 ( Mobile)

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