We are the only genuine multi-service provider: Broadband, Phones and Energy.  All bills into 1; 1 direct debit; And, You can earn extra money on the side as a partner.

Here are our key benefits:

  1. I am just curious, how many energy companies are generous enough to offer you free energy bulbs throughout your house, to lower your energy bill; free installation throughout your life? Beware, the offer expires in March 2021.
  2. Our additional benefit is our gourmet card. You can have 1 course meal or 2 course meal saving up to 50%, which is fantastic! Wouldn’t you agree?
  3. My favourite one is the Cash back Card. Every time you use this card,you have from 1% to 7% off your bill when you shop with your regular retailers: Sainsbury’s, New look, Halfords, Pap Johns, the body shop etc. And up to 10% online.
  4. We also guarantee people that they are going to save when they take all our services.  And if you are in contract, we would cover that, paying up to £200 per member.
  5. This is probably a dividing question, but, would you like to contribute to the Green environment? How many companies do you know can be greener? That give you free LED, that,actually, will give you £50 to make your life simpler, that plant a tree per customer?
  6. Because my business,only sorts of grow, through recommendation, references and friends, I also ask:  “Do you know somebody who wants a bit of simple in their life? Someone who thinks of having all their home services in one bill as well?
  7. Simple, UW will give you £50 each time you refer someone who signs up and takes all their home services from them. And because there is no limit to the number of people you can recommend, there is no limit to the amount you can get. All you have to do is share their details with the partner that helped you to join UW. Then, you will get £50 off your bill, for every person who signs up.

How simple is that?

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