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WPCC Refund and Cancellation Policy

The following constitute the refund and cancellation policy of Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”).

Cancellation of Events

The cancellation of any event by the Chamber will lead to a full refund of the purchase price of any tickets purchased for that event.

It is understood and accepted that (except as may be required by law) no amount beyond that referred to in the immediately preceding paragraph will be due or paid by the Chamber in respect of any loss (whether direct or indirect) incurred by any party.

Subject to what is stated below in the section entitled “Refund Policy”, the cancellation of an event by a Third Party organiser will lead to refund by that organiser or by the Chamber as agreed by those parties and in the event of failure so to agree the parties will submit the matter to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Refund Policy

Refunds may only be given on ticket sales if cancellation is received in writing no less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event.

Once sponsorship of an event or other Chamber activity has been publicised through any means, in the event of cancellation full payment will be due to The Chamber.

No refunds can be given on any annual subscription sum once that sum has been received by the Chamber.

Replacement Policy

A ticket may be replaced by a ticket for another event at nil or little cost to the purchaser, depending upon the following:

  1. Where the Chamber or its agents or suppliers occasion the need for replacement, then the Chamber will offer the purchaser of the ticket:
    1. a full refund; or
    2. replacement by a ticket for a similar type of event, if available, being at a price level similar to the original ticket and being for an event occurring at a time and date suitable for the purchaser.
  2. Where the purchaser requests replacement, this will generally be permitted, subject to the following:
    1. the Chamber must receive from the purchaser written notice of the request for replacement no less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event;
    2. for replacement to be possible, a ticket must be available for the replacement event requested;
    3. if the replacement ticket costs more than the original ticket, then the purchaser must pay the difference; and
    4. the Chamber reserves the right to charge an administration fee for effecting the replacement.
  3. In all cases of replacement, the purchaser must return the original ticket to the Chamber before the new ticket(s) will be issued.

Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscription fees are payable annually and are due on the anniversary of joining the Chamber, or 1st January if members joined the Chamber before 2019. Optionally members may elect to pay monthly by Direct Debit.

Currency Accepted

Transactions and payments can only be accepted in pounds sterling.