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Cyber Security – Now is the time to improve

How can I  Be CYBERWell?

Welcome to the Cyber Well project from Dorset LEP and Dorset Council. Before you nominate someone from your company to take part in this project, or sign-up yourself, it’s important that you are aware of some project details…

So, what is Cyber Well? CYBERWell is a project that focuses on improving cyber security awareness in Small and Medium size companies (SMEs) across Dorset. There is one lucky spot available per organisation, and it can be filled by anyone from any department in any job role. Signing up now will guarantee you a place when the project officially kick starts in February 2020. The project itself will take place over a two-month period… but don’t worry, you will only be required to engage using an online platform for short periods over time throughout this period.

Check that you are eligible to take part before signing up…

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby