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DJ Property Support Weymouth Food Bank

As a leading Commercial Property Developer and Landlord we are delighted to provide premises free of charge to support Weymouth Foodbank. 

Mickey Jones of DJ Property said “The local community are facing such uncertain times and over the past few years we have seen a growing demand for Weymouth Foodbank.  It is important to support these charities so they can continue their good work in the local community. It gives DJ Property pleasure to support this charity by providing a substantial unit in support of the local community.  Weymouth Foodbank is very well managed and converts a very high proportion of its donations directly into food for its beneficiaries.  This efficiency is a key reason why DJ Property have chosen to support this charity.”

J.P. Dervley – Chair Weymouth Foodbank said “We are so grateful to DJ Property for providing us with an even better warehouse for us to operate from. We need a base to collect the food, sort it, store it and deliver to our 3 Foodbank locations. As a result of the cost of living crisis, demand for our services increased by 57% last year. We are therefore having to buy a lot of food to supplement the food donations we receive. We needed a warehouse like this to be able to take delivery of bulk deliveries. The warehouse provided by DJ Property is perfect for our current needs. We work hard to minimise our costs so that we can use as much of our donations as possible to buy food to feed hungry people. The provision of this warehouse makes a significant contribution to us achieving this. We would like to say a big thank you to DJ Property and all our generous donors.”

Weymouth Foodbank have an excellent team of volunteers who give up their time to help feed the community, and without their support this charity would not be as successful.  Regrettably, the need for foodbanks look set to remain for the future, so it is great that Weymouth has such a well organised charity fulfilling the need.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Left to Right. Claire Hoff (DJ Property), Andy White, Jean-Paul Dervley and Amanda Dervley all from Weymouth Foodbank.

Andy Cooke
Author: Andy Cooke

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