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From Old England to New England – Sponsor/Advertising Opportunity

You may have seen the recent press coverage for the Concert John is producing at the Pavilion next Summer – “From Old England to New England”.

It’s a fascinating musical and visual story about the 100+ brave Pioneers who set sail from Weymouth Harbour in 1635 to found the Town of Weymouth in Massachusetts. If not, here is the link from the Dorset Echo:

The Show will be held on 13th June 2022, and John will be producing a 12 page B5 format full colour souvenir brochure that will not just be given free to the audience on the night, but will become part of a commemorative package (together with a video DVD of the Concert, and a separate CD of music from the show which will have the brochure as an add-on)

John is looking to secure reservations for the available advertising space (with payment not due until next April.)

He has attached a link below to a draft layout which is freely available for reference – Mock Up

Potential discounts for those who are happy to pay in Jan/Feb 2022 and John is proposing to add some advertorial text content in the programmes ‘thank you page’ to those who choose to become ‘Official Sponsors’

He has also secured a full page in the April/May print edition of West Dorset Living, which will be promoting the Concert, and has two spaces available on that page that he’s offering gratis to the first two advertisers who commit to take advantage of the Jan/Feb payment offer for the Concert Programme Gold Sponsor Advertising.

So, proposed rates are as follows ( note: VAT not applicable as not registered)



Half Page             one half page in Concert programme  (approx.175 x 115mm)       plus advertorial text in ‘thank you’ section     –  £220


Quarter Page        one quarter page in Concert programme  (approx.115 x 80mm)  plus advertorial text in ‘thank you’ section      – £130


Eighth Page          one eighth page in Concert Programme  (approx. 80 x 55mm)    plus advertorial text in ‘thank you’ section       – £85

ADVERTISERS PACKAGES  ( advert without additional advertorial)

Half Page           (approx.175 x 115mm)   – £ 200

Quarter Page     (approx.115 x 80mm)     – £ 110

Eighth Page       (approx. 80 x 55mm)      – £ 75

EARLY PAYMENT OFFERS  (for Sponsors/Advertising confirmed and paid in January or February 2022)   Discount of 10%

SPECIAL GOLD PLUS  As Gold Sponsors Package but in addition a free placement (approx. 85 x 60mm) in April/May Print Edition of West Dorset Living 

for first two Gold Sponsors who confirm and make payment in Jan/Feb 2022  – £198

Musical Extracts from the Show

To get in touch or for more information on John, please visit his website – Singer-songwriter | John West Weymouth | UK Folk Tradition

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby