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Tier 2 and us by our President Craig

WPCC President talks on the COVID news: “Yesterday marked a totally new chapter in this Roller Coaster Coronavirus true story and in particular for business owners managers and employees.
There are plenty of headlines this morning how it was a great surprise that that we were placed in Tier 2 and not the less restricted tier of medium. As our president said when asked on the radio yesterday though we were disappointed but not surprised about this news particularly it won’t be the first time we have not been given full attention. Irrelevant of what figures of infection have been published.
There should never really be any surprises anymore bearing in mind what people in general have had to endure both in their health physically and mentally and also the financial impact to our whole local economy since March when this began.
No doubt the tensions are rising about this particular decision and they will probably rise again if a further lockdown comes in January. if things get overturned justifiably and safely that that will be helpful.
Our businesses in Weymouth & Portland are tired of being battered from pillar to post but we can tell you now that as some of the most unfairly treated businesses in this country during this crisis and because we are classed as being part of the wider Dorset area with regards Coronavirus rates we also now have some of the most adaptable, resilient and clever small business operators in the country with staff who are very great at what they do and have shown amazing tenacity.
This tier notification will suit some and we know that it definitely wont others. Although the easy way would be great a year of difficulty in the long run if we have absolutely no choice will make the bounce back even more sweeter and live will feel so much easier knowing what we have had to endure. That isn’t to say it is wanted or needed though.
We’ll support business. We’ll stand on the front line with you whilst this happens. When we say #inittogether we are right there.
If we can help we will. We will continue to try and force the hand of the Government where possible and call them out through

British Chambers of Commerce via Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry but more importantly we all create our true story and we are all looking for a happy ending.”
Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby