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A message from our President.

Just a quick note to say, businesses we have been watching and observing you and locally we can see that 99% have been absolutely amazing.

This situation could have been exploited in many ways but we have really seen a high level of common sense and community spirit. We have also witnessed an immense deal of pride from our business owners up until now and rightly so.

For those businesses who have now had to close for the greater good, so that lives may be saved during this terrible, terrible outbreak you have done so with dignity and with many of you not knowing how long it will be for and whether the money you have will keep your business going in the future and of course many of you have looked after your staff as best you can. This is totally admirable.

I think that changes will need to made in the long run but when we get through to the other side of this situation. People will be even more patient than they have been before. Respect for others will be at record levels and appreciation of the general ability to deal socially with others will be at an all time high.

Out of the last 8 days I have been outside for around 3 hours in total. For some people they have been in one day. All I can say is let go now. Continue to be busy and let your minds be creative and yes of course make sure you exercise with Joe Wicks every day. Plan by all means and make sure you are ready to hit the ground running when you are finally released from the stalls.

Make no mistakes this is the most serious thing that we have had to deal with. I am too young to say that it is the war that that is true of, although I appreciate many who read this will have lived through that and may say this is nothing in comparison. Anybody born after around 1950 though will not have dealt with conditions like these in our country.

Our government is today working with all parties and MP’s are now debating to put in place an instruction manual as to how all of this works. It’s a mammoth task and the death rate rises every day.

Now remember if you are currently healthy and you have a roof over your head and you are with your family today you are ok and you are better off than many in this country and certainly than many in other countries

Look to your friends, look to your family. At this point if you have any enemies find out why and make them your friends because you just might need them. Life is too short and when this is all over make sure that you work to live and that you stop living to work.

Please take care, stay safe, obviously stay at home unless of course you are essential and fall into other such categories and look after each other.

At this point don’t panic, wait until tomorrow and reassess the situation and then reapply these instructions.

Craig Oakes – President
Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce


Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby