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Weyfish is open

Here is a really important notice from one of our Chamber Members. The fishing community need help and are of course business owners in their own right. A lot of them land their catch to Weyfish

“Weyfish remains open 7 days a week. We are determined to remain open to give a market to the local inshore fisher fleet who are able to work during this time of restricted movement as they are working in isolation.

Our staff are all fully briefed on social distancing guidelines including limiting customers to 1 at a time and we are only using contactless payment methods.

If we don’t get the footfall we will have to close and the fishermen wont get any support as they are all self employed”

Don’t forget Fish is brain food and we all need to maintain healthy brains at this time

So If you are standing 20 deep in supermarket car parks at the moment ask yourself do you need to be. More than ever support local and perhaps Weyfish can provide you with your quota of fish for your family.

Does your business have a message we can send out during this difficult time? Can we help?

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby