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Apprenticeship boost at WPCC Breakfast meeting.

The National Apprenticeship Week 2020 Chamber Breakfast at Weymouth College concentrated wholly on Apprenticeships and heard talks from Nigel Evans Principal of Weymouth College, Sarah Barnett Business Development Manager, and Ian Girling CEO of Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Over 50 attendees were informed and encouraged on the subject of Apprenticeships. President Craig emphasised “The importance of that vital link between businesses and education which certainly could be better because there has never been a more perfect time to grow your workforce through apprenticeship,”

Nigel Evans, the Principal of Weymouth College, told everyone of the success of the previous evenings Employers Fair with over 200 attendees.

“We do realise the role College plays with over 1300 16-18 year old students and the need to work closely with local companies.”

Sarah Barnett, the Apprenticeship Business Development Manager, enlightened attendees on how the College are using standards written by industry.

“We have Business Advisory Groups and welcome businesses to join in this critical advisory capacity and work with the College.” Sarah went on, “We too have our own apprentice, dealing with the departments social media. As do other departments in the College”.

Our final speaker, Ian Girling, CEO of Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said “Dorset Chamber has a special relationship with all local Chambers of Commerce and it is our collective responsibility to develop the dialogue between Colleges and business. Business will stagnate without the broad breadth and input of apprenticeships.”

Ian spoke passionately of his personal experience of the apprentice system, whereby his own daughter rejected university in the face of school and peer pressure and is now enjoying a very successful apprenticeship with a local digital company.

“Sadly most people don’t understand apprenticeships today and there is a stigma, but schools and parents need to encourage kids in apprenticeships and need to understand them and have an easier route to take them on.”

“Young Chambers play their part bringing students in apprenticeships together to show others how they work and how successful they can be.”

British Chamber of Commerce surveys reveal the recruitment challenges facing business and with Brexit ahead we need to be competing more  and more on a global basis.

Pictured below left to right, Nigel Evans, Ian Girling, Craig Oakes President of Weymouth and Portland Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby