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Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio -new member set to re-open with style

Subject to any subsequent announcements the plan is to reopen the studio from 15th June. Guidelines and practices have been put into place to allow the safe social distancing working in the studio and health/safety issues have been addressed.
The studio is quickly gain a reputation as it offers shooting time within the Weymouth area at a cost of £20 per hour and also has plans for regular model shooting days and tuition days. The studio and our Resident Photographer RAWing Waves are covered by professional insurance from PolicyBee
The space has a pro studio with a huge white infinity wall and a changing room for models
Available equipment is as follows: 2 x Pixapro Godox Citi 600w Flash heads with HSS, 3 x Pixapro Godox 600W Flash Heads, 3 x Pixapro Godox Lumi II 200w Flash heads, 18″ Neewer Ringlight, 2 x 90cm x 60cm strip softboxes with grids, 2 x 35cm x 160cm strip softboxes with grids, 2 x 100cm square softboxes with grids, 42cm Beauty Dish with grid, 2 x Snoots with honeycomb grid and 5 piece colour filter kit, Wireless Flash Triggers and receivers, 2 x Reflectors with barndoors and coloured gels, Black drop and green screen backdrop with stands, Katebackdrop Rusty Portrait, Tripod and many other items including props and and extensive wardrobe of clothing and shoes.
Look forward to seeing you at the studio.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby