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Battens can help with concern about new immigration system for employers

Battens Solicitors report on on immigration employment issues

Confederation of British Industry finds uncertainty about the new immigration system is causing big concerns for businesses.

An article in the EIN highlighted the concerns recently;

“The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said its annual survey found uncertainty about the new immigration system is weighing heavily on businesses minds.

According to the Financial Times, businesses expressed concern that a tougher immigration policy after Brexit will mean that they cannot hire workers with the skills they need or fill low-paid jobs.

In addition, almost 60% of the businesses surveyed said they would be negatively impacted if the new immigration system is introduced before it is simplified so that businesses can actually use it.

Matthew Fell, the CBI’s Chief UK Policy Director, said: “It’s clear what’s weighing heavy on businesses minds is uncertainty about the new immigration system. Businesses believe that this can both support the economy and restore the public’s confidence that immigration is controlled. A strong partnership between business and government is essential to doing so. Whatever the final shape of the new immigration system, it needs to be simple from its first day of introduction and allow firms to access both the labour and skills they need to grow.”

In an article for The Times last month, Matthew Fell warned that rushing in a new immigration system would be rash and getting it right first time is crucial.

Fell said workers from overseas, particularly the EU, make a hugely significant contribution to the UK, and it is important for public finances and public services that this continues.

“For business, allowing firms to access the people and skills they need is as important as forging our future trading relationship with the EU, the UK’s biggest trading partner by far. Yet alarmingly for companies across the UK, scant details exist about how this might work in practice,” Fell added.”

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Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby