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Battens Newsletter
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Welcome to our Battens Solicitors newsletter. In this issue we cover a range of articles from choosing Executors to Property Dispute Resolution. We hope there will be something of interest for you:

  • Who to Choose?
  • School Holidays – Child Arrangement Orders Following Divorce or Separation
  • Adverse Possession: Paving a Path to Successful Claims
  • Claims for Illness Caused by Exposure to Asbestos
  • Get in Shape for 2019
  • Save the Date…

To find out more about any of the reported topics or if you have a query you want to discuss please call us on 0800 652 8373, click here to email us or alternatively visit our website: 

Who to Choose?
If I had to pin point what causes more problems than anything else when administering an estate, I would probably say disagreements between the Executors. Executors have the legal duty to administer an estate on behalf of the beneficiaries and have to act unanimously, so if there is disagreement everything can grind to a halt. Click here to read more…
School Holidays – Child Arrangement Orders Following Divorce or Separation
For many parents, the dilemma of how to keep their children entertained for six weeks is just one of their worries. Following a divorce or separation, there is often the difficult question of who the child is to live with and how they are to spend their time, especially over the school holidays. For some families, amicable arrangements can be made between themselves with no problems. However, sometimes an agreement is not possible and there is dispute over the care arrangements. Click here to read more…
Adverse Possession: Paving a Path to Successful Claims
The Court of Appeal has determined that a paved area could prove adverse possession. To succeed in a claim for adverse possession, you need to have possessed the land, to the exclusion of others, without consent, and so the world at large would conclude that you were the owners of that land. The period of that possession is determined on a variety of factors including whether the land you seek to acquire is registered at HM Land Registry, and if so, when it was registered.Click here to read more…
Claims for Illness Caused by Exposure to AsbestosAsbestos is often known as ‘the hidden killer’ because many people do not know that they are working or living with asbestos.The victims of such exposure can usually take legal action against those who exposed them to dangerous amounts of asbestos. At Battens we are experienced in dealing with such claims. Click here to read more…
Get in Shape for 2019…
With spring in the air and the new financial year approaching, many businesses will be taking stock and planning for the upcoming year.  Whatever happens with Brexit, basic employment rights and obligations will not change – certainly not in the immediate term. Employers will still have obligations towards employees – e.g. not to discriminate or to dismiss unfairly. Click here to read more…
Save the Date…
EAT Lunch: Our next EAT Lunch is 16th July Yeovil and the 18th July in Dorchester where the topic will be disciplinary processes.Click here to register your interest.

Weymouth HR Breakfast Forum: Our next Weymouth HR Breakfast Forum along with Rubicon Recruitment Group is the 9th July. Click here to register your interest.

For more information on these events please contact Dawn Gallie, Head of Employment, here.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby