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Complimentary Webinar – Building Loyalty: Keep Customers Coming Back!

When the customer comes first, the customer will last.”

You always hear that lead generation and attracting new business is key to success but retaining customers and building loyalty is just as important.

The right customers should be valued and made to feel special. Doing this consistently will create advocates and raving fans. They’ll WANT to send you referrals from their community.

Key learnings you’ll take away from this session:

• How to move leads and customers into raving fans

• Key strategies to strengthen your relationship with existing customers

• Top tips for increasing customer satisfaction, turning them into regular buyers and advocates of your business

Join our expert business coach James for this focused session on building customer loyalty.

About the Speaker:

James Gentle – Speaker

Chartered Marketeer. Expert Business Coach.

After enjoying 25 years of rich industry experience as a business leader and innovator, I’m now dedicated to helping others. I am here to help business owners make a meaningful difference to their business, their brands and their lives.

My mission is to help business owners grow their business profitably and live their lives more pleasurably. I am focused on supporting business owners and SMEs in the local community.

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Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby