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Covid 19 Projection Campaign

New members Light FX UK have been busy over the last few weeks working with the NHS and our members Medisave to deliver some eye-catching visuals on their buildings.  The NHS permitted us to project huge messages of support on to both Dorchester and Yeovil Hospitals.  These images were spread widely on social media and gained a huge audience, even reaching the AOL website.  Nurses, doctors and support staff were very appreciative.   The Medisave building hosted an exclusive showing of the Covid 19 One World projection show.  International artists gave permission for Light FX UK to display their beautiful work

New production company

Light FX UK, Harbour Media and Eagle Vista have created a unique offer.  We are combining to produce a complete service that will:

Create a projection mapping show on a building / 3D structure to communicate in a ground-breaking way

Produce dramatic drone footage of the projections to enhance the effect

Post production of the captivating cinematic scenes for use in promotional material.

Hopefully you’ll agree that this is an exciting offer to the Chamber and we are looking forward to illuminating your business.

“Promote your business with engaging projections that are captivating, memorable and inspiring. Let us illuminate your business with a 10% discount to members.” 

Offer —  10% off to any chamber member

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby