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Diverse Abilities cashless collection pots.

Diverse Abilities, Dorset’s disability charity, the only charity in the county supporting both children and adults with profound physical and learning disabilities.

Would you consider having one of their cashless collection pots in your business to gather a few donations now customers are starting to return? The collection pots include simple QR and text codes for cashless giving – and each pot comes with its own poster if there’s no counter space for a pot.

DV have been so grateful for the support that we have received during the past few months of the global pandemic. If it wasn’t for the charitable nature of our local community, they would have really struggled to continue providing high standards of care.

As we look at life going ‘back to normal’, there’s new challenges on the horizon. Ensuring that services are constantly evolving so that they can adapt quickly for some of the most vulnerable shielding from COVID-19.

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Click here to arrange your pots!

These small pots make a huge difference
• The average collection pot holds £49
• Provides a quick and easy way to donate
• Gift Aid Small Donations means we can claim an additional 25%
It’s true what they say, looking after the pennies does mean the pounds look after themselves.


Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby