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Dorset Knobs virtual eating contest, supporting Weldmar.

Dorset Knob Festival returns with virtual eating contest from Dorset Tea – in aid of Weldmar Hospice

Another bank holiday in lockdown is fast approaching and Dorset Tea, in conjunction with Dorset Knob Festival, is offering some good clean fun with a virtual Knob eating contest on Sunday 10th May.
The contest will host 100 contestants tasked with eating as many Dorset Knobs as they can within 1min, all whilst raising money for charity.
The Dorset Knob Festival is a time-honoured tradition and one that we won’t let Covid 19 cancel completely!

Dorset Tea is excited to announce the return of the Dorset Knob Festival for 2020 in the guise of a virtual Dorset Knob eating contest. With 100 spaces available for contestants, Dorset Tea is asking the nation – are you a champion Knob nosher?
The virtual event will take place on Sunday 10th May with 10 rounds of 10 contestants, all scrambling to eat as many Knobs as they can within 1 minute. Noshing will be live streamed through Facebook Live, with fundraising in aid of Dorset charity Weldmar Hospice.
Dorset Tea aims to offer some light relief for another bank holiday in lockdown, whilst also raising funds for a vital local charity. Potential contestants are asked to register through the Dorset Tea website and 100 names will be picked from a draw. Tea and Knobs will be sent to contestants in time for the contest.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby