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Eight Tips To Maximise Small Business Saturday 2020 & Make An Impact This Christmas

“This crisis has brought home just how much small firms are at the heart of our communities” – Michelle Ovens, director of Small Business Saturday.

The nation’s affection for small, local business has surged, use this time wisely and build upon the momentum. We’ve outlined eight, budget-friendly marketing ideas and tips to help your small business maximise Small Business Saturday and make an impact this Christmas.

Small Business Saturday and Noah and MiloSarah Lavender is the founder of clothing brand Noah Milo, and is taking part in the Small Business Saturday UK #TheTour2020, part of the virtual events organised by Small Business Saturday UK in the run up to 5th December. Through the sales of their clothing and accessories, Noah Milo also donates to the charity Tommy’s via Work for Good.

What Is Small Business Saturday and Why Your Small Business Should Get Involved?

Watch the news, scroll through Twitter or search #ShopSmall on Insta, and it’s clear that the nation’s love for UK small businesses has rocketed in 2020. Research conducted by Small Business Saturday and American Express confirm this, with 59 per cent of Brits saying they now support local businesses more than previously.

During the Coronavirus crisis small businesses showed incredible strength, ingenuity and altruism, many playing a huge part in supporting their communities through lockdown. As a small business ourselves, and a fundraising platform specifically working with SMEs we have first-hand experience of this – with more purposeful small businesses than ever before, across all sectors, donating to charities via Work for Good. And the result –

More than a third of people are saying they’ll continue their backing in the same way as they did before Covid-19, despite the recession. – Research by American Express and Small Business Saturday

The huge increase in support for small businesses that has risen from the pandemic is a positive opportunity that small businesses must embrace and build upon. Small Business Saturday is a brilliant way for businesses to amplify awareness and increase their impact.

Last year Small Business Saturday gained significant media, and was promoted by politicians, with an estimated £800m spent in small businesses across the UK on the day, and a record turnout of 17.6 million people choosing to shop local that day alone. Given the increase in affection for small business in 2020 there is no doubt that this year, even if doors are still closed, Small Business Saturday will be bigger and better than ever.

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Eight Tips To Maximise Small Business Saturday:

Here are eight ways your small brand can get cracking on making the most of Small Business Saturday, and build on the UK’s affection for small business.

  1. Register your business for free on the Small Business Saturday directory.
  2. Use the logos and social media assets created by Small Business Saturday on your website, comms, posters.
  3. Offer customers an exclusive discount on the day – perhaps focus on best selling products, or could you add a small gift with a purchase?
  4. Build a charity donation into your business strategy. Tap into community values by offering a certain percentage of each sale on the day as a donation to charity. Businesses can quickly pledge a donation to charity via our fundraising platform Work for Good.

Plus businesses can take part in the Work for Good #SmallBusinessStar match funding campaign when donations paid via each charity’s Work for Good page in December, will be doubled!

  1. Partner with other like-minded small brands to offer a combined giveaway on your combined social media channels
  2. Implement a targeted email and social media marketing strategy. Remind people about Small Business Saturday and why it is so important. Build up the suspense – tease them with news of deals on the day or fun things your business is doing.
  3. Send a snappy press release about your activity to the local press, and circulate in your local Facebook groups.
  4. Finalised your plans? Be sure to tell Small Business Saturday what it is & they will give you a shout out via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Work for Good is a fundraising platform which takes care of all the complex legal requirements needed when small businesses want to donate to charity through their sales. The platform allows businesses to pledge donations within minutes, publicise their giving and raise vital funds for charity.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby