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Handling company return to ‘normal’

Julia Calleja from our members LiveWell Dorset has the following tips in her link to her latest article.

The article is a precursor to a short half hour presentation which I hope will help companies look forward and make plans for the big ‘return to work’ – whenever that will be!

HR return to work policies assist with the reorientation of an employee after a long-term absence such as sickness or maternity leave.

People management teams are used to thinking ahead and now is the time to start planning and preparing for the return to work of employees who have been furloughed or home-based during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In either situation, staff will have been affected by a number of issues relating to their long-term absence from their physical workplace. It took them time to adjust and come to terms with new norms. Therefore, it stands to reason that they will need time to readjust, before they can reach pre-Covid-19 productivity [and once more work at full capacity].

Companies who have maintained regular contact with their staff will be at an advantage.

What are the issues? see the article here

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