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LiveWell Dorset presents: Covid Fatigue and Psychological Reactance

Covid Fatigue is affecting our resilience and our motivation. Learn how to minimise the impact and the effects on our wellbeing


About this Event

We remain distracted by fearful thoughts, unable to escape the barrage of upsetting and frightening news broadcasts. Is it any wonder that some feel like they are ‘losing it’ and don’t think they can take much more?

Now a familiar term, ‘Covid Fatigue’ describes the general consensus – everyone having ‘had enough’ of the restrictions and confinement we are experiencing.

Nonetheless, we need to maintain our jobs, our households and our relationships – not to mention our sanity; and for those with responsibility for managing others, the challenges are greater still.

This one hour workshop will help you to understanding and recognise the signs of ‘Covid Fatigue’ and how to monitor and Support the resilience of those around you.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby