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MSW Landscaping raising money to help the people of Ukraine

Back in January 2022 my eldest son and myself spent a week in Ukraine which included a few days in Kyiv and a two day trip to Chernobyl.

I’ve created these little photo books as a visual representation to show the beauty of Ukraine as we saw it just a few weeks before Russia invaded, these pictures could be some of the last pictures of these places as we knew them.

Each A5 Book has 48 pages of beautiful photos taken by myself. All I ask is for a minimum donation of £10 per book, If you would like one posted to you then please either text or WhatsApp me on 07968 200973 with your address and I’ll send you a copy.

All profits raised by purchasing one of these books will be used by me to cover fuel and ferry costs to deliver aid wherever it may be required in Europe, I will be giving up my time and covering the costs of my own personal expenses.

Any monies remaining will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Thank you,


Donate/More info here – Crowdfunding to Help the people of Ukraine. on JustGiving 

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby