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New drink cafe opens at Zone Fitness Centre

Zone Fitness opened on 29th January 2018 at Avon Close, Granby Industrial Estate, Weymouth and since that date the biggest gym in the South West has gone from strength to strength with membership, which is now just under 2,000 members. 

The gym & group exercise studios occupy in excess of 19,000 square feet and have now generated 20 new jobs.  Earlier this month Drink inc opened its doors to a brand new health bar at Zone Fitness offering nutritious protein drinks, shakes and tasty health snacks.  Zone Fitness always had in their plans to provide the extra social element to the gym, but finding the right partner was key. Their super slick branding & ethos is right on par with Zone Fitness’ core values.

Owner of Drink inc Sue Bennett said “We are very excited to open our 2nd Drink inc in Weymouth.  Our first establishment in St Albans Street continues to thrive and we are now looking forward to our future at Zone Fitness.  It is very important that the gym members are able to access good quality food, drinks and protein shakes pre & post workout.  We are able to work individually with members to ensure that they get the nutrients that they require.   At Drink inc we are looking forward to offering healthy breakfast & lunch options to the Granby Industrial Estate and Link Park workers. We will also offer a pre-order service to members who are on a tight timescale. Order pre-workout & pick up post-workout. Perfect for if you need to get back to work quick! Drink inc will also be open to members of the public”

Mickey Jones, Chief Executive of DJ Property and co-owner of Zone Fitness said, “We have set our standards high at Zone Fitness and have included market leading equipment. The addition of a high-quality café provides an extra benefit to Zone members.   The team have invested a large amount of time and money in the design of the gym, and the café is now a welcome addition.  When Zone Fitness opened it was just what South Dorset was waiting for.  The overall feel & interior design of the gym ensures that the atmosphere, conditions and ease of use equipment is second to none for all of our members.   Adding more of a social aspect to the gym enables it to be a place where people can meet, chat and have some down time with friends, it should not be just a place where you will workout & leave. Drink inc can not only be used by Zone members, but also by the public & local businesses too”.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby