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Nothe Fort seek assistance with survey for investment.

Nothe Fort are preparing an application to Dorset Council for a 3 year organisational revenue grant.

It is just 3 questions long to spend 30 seconds filling it in.

This funding has traditionally been given to the same cultural organisations across Dorset (but not Weymouth or Portland), and this is the first time that these grants have been opened up for competitive applications.

Mary-Anne Edwards, Nothe Fort Manager said;

“We would be incredibly grateful if you could share this very short snapshot survey with your members and point out how it will take them only 30 seconds to fill in!
If Nothe Fort was successful, it would not only be a game changer for us, but it would mean a fairer investment at this end of the county.
One of the important elements of the application is to be able to demonstrate the economic impact of the Fort on Weymouth and Portland.
We have created a 3 question survey to enable us to collect data, and would be incredibly grateful if you could encourage your members to fill a survey in”.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby