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Nothe Fort unite with museums to receive new funding

Uniting Weymouth and Portland Heritage Launch Exciting Project!

Weymouth Museum, the Nothe Fort and Portland Museum were awarded a grant earlier in the year by the South West Museum Development Programme to help promote heritage sites in Weymouth and Portland.

The project will be formally launched on 7th September but here, to whet your appetite, you can see the fantastic drone video that has been produced to highlight some of our most fascinating historical sites.

They were supported in their application by Weymouth BID and the group have created a leaflet, drone video and website. The leaflet has been distributed widely over a 50-mile radius. The project also includes a number of public engagement events in the autumn including a history weekend in October so watch this space for more information.

Download the map here: Weymouth Portland Museums Leaflet

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby