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Offer from new members Chesil Radio

It’s been a tough time for us all during this Lockdown and Chesil Radio has been there throughout this difficult time keeping people updated with everything in the South and South West Coastal Counties on our online not-for-profit radio station.  With the local news that some of other “local” stations are amalgamating into a national station, we felt it was time to show what Chesil Radio can do for you.

We know that it’s going to be a tough time getting back on your feet after this momentous and unprecedented time and we would like to offer you a one-time only offer to get your name back on everyone’s lips when thinking of local products, services and businesses.  This offer is valid until the end of July 2020.

Chesil Radio is coming up to its 4th year broadcasting, with our volunteers who care about the local community.  We present from home studios, as we have always done, with our local office base in Weymouth town centre and our music genre is varied but during the daytime hours, it has a very much retro feel.  Available online direct from our website, via Facebook, via Tune-In App, on Alexia devices and apps, and shared by many other websites to with links, we reach the world but we focus on the local south and south west areas of the UK.

We are offering you for just £20 as a one-off fee to create a sponsorship one line jingle that will play out during our unmanned not-live shows.  As an online station, we cannot run adverts, but is a little different to the social media pages that would back this offer, where we can share posts, at the station management’s discretion.  Our shows have music and content, especially selected to represent our playlist from the 1970s to 1990s predominantly.  We cannot specify the actual time but it would be somewhere between 8am-8pm, unless specified otherwise.  It is likely that one of our live presenters will highlight your support, at some point during their live shows during the period until 31st July 2020 (there are some exceptions to this).

The £20 fee will cover the production cost of a one line promo jingle and a spot on our supporter’s page (but not on our front main page): “This hour is sponsored by {your company name} for more details visit our website or Facebook page”.  This will run during our daytime schedules until July 31st 2020.  It will take a few days to get the promo line done professionally so the sooner you take up this offer the sooner it can be on the air.  The actual hour cannot be chosen during this package but there are other options.

This promotion does mean that you may share an hour with another business, we will where possible not make this of a similar business as yours, but if you want an exclusive hour just for you, we can do that from £35.

Our website is being worked on at the present time and will be re-launched in the coming weeks with some fabulous changes and upgrades.  These changes will spotlight businesses, groups and individuals who support us and after this offer period, when you choose to stay with us, we have some great long-term packages with the station to continue to support the station.

We have a good established listenership of local people and others who love our music and presentation.  We would hope that you would like to keep your promotions local when re-opening your business and that with our support that we can help you return to whatever the new normal is.

Why not give us a try?  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Nikki Latham

Volunteer Station Controller

Chesil Radio

Tel. 01305 898108

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby