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Rapid Covid testing for local businesses

Public Health Dorset are offering weekly asymptomatic testing to employees of businesses, charities and voluntary organisations (employing less than 250 people) and the self-employed across Dorset who cannot work from home due to the nature of their role. Testing will be for a period of six weeks.

To qualify for testing your business/organisation must either provide an essential service or support the vulnerable. Examples include:

  • Protecting the vulnerable: working with vulnerable people, housing support, mortuary or funeral staff, essential trades people e.g. plumbing, transport providers for vulnerable groups, sheltered housing
  • Essential services: small businesses/service industry e.g. food production, retail, delivery drivers, pre-school staff, community volunteer groups, trades e.g. engineering, energy

Access to this service is for people who do not already have access to asymptomatic testing. If you already have access to asymptomatic testing e.g. through an NHS or care home employer, you are not able to access the community service.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby