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Weymouth Quay Regeneration Project has been awarded £3.79 million pounds.

On Saturday the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government Jake Berry MP announced which coastal towns have been successful in bidding for Coastal Communities Funding Round 5.

We were told, at Stage 1, that 250 project bids had been made originally. Out of the 250 only 26 were finally successful, and for the first time Weymouth was successful.

The Weymouth Quay Regeneration Project has been awarded £3.79 million pounds. When this is added to the funding the WPBC have already allocated for the Quay, the Project will total around the £6 million mark.
A lot of this will start with making harbour walls safe, and ensuring the Quayside is prepared for new building etc, so there is a two year timeframe to make the plans happen.
However, this is a big vote of confidence in our Town and will be of huge benefit to the business community, the harbour users and improve things for visitors.

Richard Drax MP said: ” This is wonderful news and I am delighted to have supported this bid. We are getting there! I note that the grant of nearly £4 million was one of the biggest. Thanks to all who have been involved and continue to fight for further investment in our beautiful resort.”

WPCC President Craig Oakes said: “Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce has worked alongside and played a small part to support many other groups most particularly WADT the drivers behind this Bid. Chris Wilson the CEO of that trust has worked tirelessly along with others on this project and has never given in.
Many factors were against us, in particular time. The result has been achieved through hard work and determination of just a few that worked collaboratively to overcome almost insurmountable obstacles during this process.

It is a great testament to the idea that if we all work together instead of against each other miracles can and do happen. This is fantastic news for an area that definitely needed a win.
Well done to the other players around the table Weymouth College, Weymouth BID, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, Dorset Growth Hub and Dorset County Council in it’s current form and individuals that gave their time knowing this was the right thing to do to ensure that huge investment could be secured for Weymouth. Sorry if I missed anyone.
This is finally the catalyst we need for the regeneration of our town and borough to become more buoyant and prosperous. Just brilliant news.”
Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby