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A Certain Future with LiveWell Dorset and Julia Calleja

The fear and uncertainty around Covid is affecting employee engagement; so what can we do to improve the resilience of our workforce?
Julia Calleja
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Business Development Lead at LiveWell Dorset
Please join me for the fifth webinar workshop in our ‘Return to Work’ series. We invite you to explore with us, how the fear and uncertainty around Covid is affecting employee engagement, and what we can do to improve the resilience of our staff. It’s free to join and a good opportunity to sample some of the content of LiveWell Dorset Managing Stress and Building Resilience course hashtagworkplacewellbeing hashtagreturntowork hashtagresilienceatwork hashtagstaffengagement

Is it any wonder that so many people are struggling with their emotional wellbeing, when it seems that everything including the way we used to live seems to have been turned on its head?

When the future is not in our own hands, we experience anxiety at our loss of control. It is a natural, defensive response. Our adrenalin and cortisol levels increase, and we experience all manner of physiological symptoms associated with stress. Symptoms such as an inability to think clearly which can lead to us catastrophising otherwise manageable challenges. We may even shut down emotionally altogether which can have a profound impact on our relationships at home and work, affecting our ability to function well in either context.

The news is threatening – the Coronavirus is resurging; our family’s health is at risk. The economy has been compromised, and our livelihoods and the traditional job roles we used to do may be altogether extinct.

Whilst companies cannot reassure staff and make them promises of job security, they can equip them to be able to deal with whatever comes next by encouraging them to bolster their resourcefulness which will , in turn, add to their resilience.

This is the fifth workshop in our ‘Return to Work’ series, addressing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the health and wellbeing of our working population.

These sessions are an opportunity for managers and people professionals to share their experiences and to gain knowledge of health and wellbeing topics and learn some techniques for improving the health outcomes for their staff.

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