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Video Competition with “We Are Weymouth”

Weymouth and Portland Video Competition

Breath taking coastal scenery, Worbarrow Bay, Golden Cap and Durdle door and landmarks such as St Catherine’s Chapel  &  Corfe Castle are all around us and encapsulated by a UNESCO World Heritage site, The Jurassic Coast.

Perhaps the most undersung collection of awe inspiring backdrops and buildings are nestled here in our very own corner of the universe, Weymouth & Portland.

Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce & We are Weymouth have come up with a competition that could have a truly amazing outcome and could do for our area that which has been done for many other areas before. Video is hot at the moment and done right it always has been a great way to capture the imagination of many in one hit.

If you love what you do then that’s one thing. If you love doing what you do in the place you love living in then that creates magic.

Ever since we have been at the mercy of the dreaded Coronavirus, we have realised that there needs to be something that could help to rebuild what is becoming more and more fragile every day once we come out the other side. The economy and local businesses in this area do not just equate to money but will touch almost everyone’s lives in some way shape or form and is more about communities and families.

We cannot do anything to fight the virus apart from follow the rules put in place, we will leave that to the medical profession, but we might just be able to do something to really boost the opportunities for employment, training, education in this area and truly help it to continue to be a desirable place to work, rest and play in the long run.

This is up to you then, use your phone, use your go-pro, dust off your cine. Whatever works for you. The remit is a promotional video for our area Weymouth & Portland that can be sent around the world to make people say “I don’t only want to visit that place, I want to invest my money there, I want to explore there & I really wouldn’t mind living out my days there.”

This isn’t necessarily about the scenery (although we do want some!). We want a film made about the area that captures essence and passion and makes us as  judges immediately think… That is the magnum opus and that they completely understand what is trying to be achieved.


Written by Claudia Moore, Weymouth BID Chief Operating Officer

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby