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Doing Business with Central Government and Local Authorities


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Wednesday 16 September 0950 -1130

Doing Business with Central Government and Local Authorities, sponsored by Bidbetter

This online event, in partnership with the Dorset Chamber, Cabinet Office, Dorset Council and BCP Council, sponsored by Bidbetter, will offer advice and guidance on how to bid for public sector contracts.

Our speaker from the Cabinet Office will discuss the actions being taken to make it easier for businesses to engage in Government supply chains and advise on how businesses can search and alerted to bidding opportunities through Contract Finder.

Our speakers from BCP Council and Dorset Council will explain the procurement process operated by each council and provide advice on tips on bidding to deliver contracts on on behalf of local authorities.

Our sponsor, Bidbetter, will also provide useful tips on bidding for public sector contracts.

The event will also offer a Q and A session with our speakers.


Open event 9.50

Start time – 10.00

Martin Traynor, Cabinet Office 10.05 to 10.25

Dorset Council, 10.25 to 10.45

BCP Council 10.45 to 11.05

Bidbetter 11.05 to 11.15

11.15 to 11.30 Q and A

11.30 Close

This event is sponsored by Bidbetter who have helped clients win over £420 million of government contracts.
Their bid win rate is over 80%, 100% for framework agreements. They identify suitable opportunities and write and review bids to help you win government contracts. As ex public procurement professionals, they know exactly how your tender will be evaluated and how the winners win.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby