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Earn Cashback when you shop with Booker & Makro!

By working in collaboration with Booker & Makro, Regency Purchasing Group can help your business receive cashback, for both new and existing customers to Booker. *

Working with Booker for numerous years, Regency has secured a rebate deal that is applicable to all of your (non-tobacco) purchases at any Booker or Makro store. This is a free to join deal, exclusively available for through Regency.

Prior to my career at Regency, I worked at Booker for 15 years, so with the combined knowledge of 20 years in the industry, I am confident I can help unlock savings for your business.

I live locally (Chickerell) and am happy to discuss the offer in person, via teams/zoom, over the phone or email.
Regency Purchasing do not charge our members for our services and I can provide examples and testimonials of how we’ve helped businesses locally.

*The Booker cashback deal is only available if you are not already part of a rebate offer with Booker.**
**But even if you are, there are many other suppliers, brand owners and categories I can help support you with.

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby

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