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LiveWell Summer bulletin!

Good morning,


I hope this email finds you well and enjoying our seasonably good weather. When the sun shines it spreads optimism and people smile more – even from behind their masks, as I noticed last weekend!


But weekends are one thing 😉 Keeping our teams motivated during the working day is quite another – especially as people may be feeling a new sense of freedom!


This year, supporting those working throughout the summer whilst their colleagues take a much-needed break, might prove more of a challenge than normal.


It can be a strangely quiet period in offices which can affect momentum on projects, including those that will help organisations gear up for getting back to pre-pandemic productivity levels. So how can LiveWell help…


3 ideas to keep your teams motivated!


Encourage your employees to register with LiveWell Dorset

There is no better time to start your wellness journey than today! Take our quick lifestyle quiz to find out your wellness score, and find out what makes LiveWell Dorset different!


Look ahead

Why not look forward to the Autumn with some Health & Wellbeing training. We have courses available from mid-September and will be happy to help you find something that fits in perfectly with your workplace wellbeing plan. Find out more about our full training offer here.


Free resources
If you’d like some easy-to-share content, we have free resources that you can pin to your intranet or send via email bulletins to your staff. Download your free ‘How to improve your employee wellbeing PDF guide, which is packed with content. Or, take a look at our LiveWell blog for the latest health & wellbeing topics.


Have a wonderful Summer!


Kind regards,



Working with you for workplace wellbeing

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby