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Nothe Fort: A celebration of our achievements

Over the last year Nothe Fort has worked hard to play a positive role in Weymouth.
We are proud of our achievements and would like to celebrate our impact with you (please see report attached).
This year the economic impact of Nothe Fort on the local economy is £1,143,147.45.
This summer season 110 volunteers contributed an estimated 1,270 days of skilled labour.
This December Nothe Fort shall open every weekend, with a festive programme of activities for the local community.
Like all heritage sites, Nothe Fort has faced serious challenges this year.  But Nothe Fort has also made an important, positive contribution to its community.
We would be delighted to talk to you about our work, and how we could work together in the future.
Best wishes,
James Farquharson  (Chairman)
Mary-Anne Edwards & Kate Hebditch (General Managers)

Nothe Fort:
A celebration of our achievements

Owned by Dorset Council, Nothe Fort is operated by Weymouth Civic
• Nothe Fort first opened its doors to the general public in 1980.
• It is a Grade 2 listed building and a Scheduled National Monument.
• Today, Nothe Fort is the No. 1 heritage attraction in Weymouth
“Nothe Fort is recognised as being one of the foremost drivers of tourist traffic in
Weymouth and has considerable impact on our local economy, with their visitors
also spending time at other locations (both retail and hospitality).
The Fort’s new events programme and its resilience during the Covid period has
been exemplary.”
Claudia Webb, Weymouth BID

Nothe Fort visitor figures 2018-2020

The renovation of Nothe Fort has been due to the determination and resilience of the Dorset community. (Photo circa late 1970s)
Today Nothe Fort is the No.1 heritage
attraction in Weymouth, cared for by an army
of Dorset volunteers.
“In recent years the Fort has shown itself to be continuing its drive to be a modern and relevant attraction and resource whilst honouring it’s history and heritage value.
Despite significant budgetary pressures, the fort provides a value for money tourist
attraction, volunteering opportunities and local learning opportunities.
For school children they bring history to life and stimulate an appreciation of our
community over the ages – most notable is it’s work on the local experience of children
during WW2, building empathy and appreciation.
Whilst protecting a valuable heritage site the trustees, staff and volunteers have
demonstrated they are keeping an eye on the future and diversifying their offer into artistic,
cultural and musical spheres – the silent disco in 2019 was a masterclass in modern
attraction management, introducing a new demographic to the fort.
I cannot stress enough how much the fort contributes to both the tourist offer, and to
resources for local communities. Our town is richer for the hard work of those involved and
benefits from the forward thinking and creativity of the organisation.”
Jane Biscombe, Town Clerk, Weymouth Town Council.

Full report here Celebrating Nothe Fort

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby