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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic Weymouth Business Improvement District (BID) has kicked off a summer marketing project to promote Weymouth and responsibly increase visitor footfall in the town centre.

WPCC member, Claudia Webb, COO of Weymouth BID, noted that ‘COVID-19 has not only had an impact on the people of Dorset’s lives and health but also taken a toll on the local economy. It is important that to encourage people back to Weymouth we make sure that they know that local businesses are working hard to ensure they feel comfortable and safe.”

 To aid in this effort the BID is working with local marketing firm ITSA Group. ITSA Group have used this opportunity to launch a summer internship program working with Budmouth Academy 6th Form. The project has taken on three bright and highly motivated interns keen to make a positive contribution to the town they call home.

 The internship program will focus on the use of traditional and social media to disseminate information on how the town, its businesses and local people are adapting to the new COVID-19 environment. Particular focus will be placed on initiatives that keep people safe but still engage in normal activities.

 The project will be led by Jitan Kundalia, ITSA Group’s Senior Project Manager. Jitan commended local businesses noting ‘many have already put in place measures to help trade safely. ITSA hopes to help share their efforts throughout the town, increasing footfall from local residents and visitors and helping to drive local economic growth.

 Interns Freya, Katie & Trevona will be working from ITSA Group’s Weymouth office but will spend most of their time engaging with local businesses.

 QUOTE from Freya: “I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to help rejuvenate Weymouth after COVID-19. It’s so important to support local businesses, especially during the strange times that COVID-19 has bought. I can’t wait to start promoting and helping the businesses that keep Weymouth alive and authentic

 QUOTE from Katie: “Having lived in Weymouth my whole life, the town holds a special place in my heart. Reminding people about all the amazing local businesses we have and showing the community how they have had to adapt as a result of the current situation is something I’m very excited to be a part of

 QUOTE from Trevona: “I’ve lived within the district of Weymouth and Portland my whole life, and so have watched the community go through a multitude of ups and downs over the years, but have never witnessed anything close to the peculiarity of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I’m eager to take action; especially since the town’s local businesses have provided me with much needed employment. This makes me passionate about the idea of helping businesses increase footfall and provide employment for more people like me.’

Paul Appleby
Author: Paul Appleby